For the People, By the People

by The Unnoticed Truth

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Album art by Joshua Feldman. Original Font type, Central Union Mission by Ryan Ford


released February 24, 2014

All songs by The Unnoticed Truth
Vocals on all tracks except for Fuck Off, and One Day (by Seth Fineblum) by Jon Krampel. Guitar by Seth Fineblum and Josh Feldman, Drums by Dave Monkell



all rights reserved


The Unnoticed Truth New York, New York

The Unnoticed Truth is a punk rock music collective featuring artists around the country. The band specializes as an "internet project" where we piece together select works to create an ultimate release.

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Track Name: Bi-Partisan Sinking Ship (A Shutdown Song)
Fuck the Dems Fuck the Repubs
A two class system, a dishonest agenda
I'll show you a clean act,
shove it up your YEAH!
There's a sucker born every minute
Seen on the television, radio, and papers
They lied when they said politicians wouldn’t fuck us
holding our lives in exchange for ransoms

Shutdown Shutdown
Don't Shut us down
Shutdown Shutdown
Don't Shut us DOWN!
This nation
of the people
by the people for the people

This nation
of the people
by the people for the people

Political Nonsense
(Shutdown Shutdown)
March down to capitol hill
(Shutdown Shutdown)
Put your head on a stick
(Shutdown Shutdown)

The fracture of the GOP
Wonder the phoenix that will rise from that shit
Shutdown Shutdown
Don't Shut us down
Shutdown Shutdown
Don't Shut us uh down.

This nation
of the people
by the people for the people
Track Name: United as One, Except for YOU
You say that you are in it to win it
You say this is cool
You say that you’ll be here until the end 
I guess you are just a fool

Get with it our Get out
Commit or GTFO
Commit or Get out

You are all about being self reliant
You feel that you are loyal but that’s not true
You just think that you’re some kind of royal giant
I’m not bowing to you.

Sometimes I get tired of those that don’t commit
People just like you, a dragon spitting lies whenever you can
so I wrote a little love song for you

G is for the way you GET in the way, T is for the TRUST that I don’t have for you F is how really really FUCKED you are, O is YOUR OUT!

You don't believe in deadlines
You have no time for others,
Well I got one thing to say to you

Fuck you, you’re not rad
You can't commit you won't commit everything is a joke.
Track Name: An Ode to Ticket Resellers
You think your so tough sitting on the comp,
Mommy's little boy getting lots of joy
gonna buy them out not gonna see the band
Only in it for the money
you think its really funny

Your scalper I am gonna scalp you your scalper I am gonna scalp you(x2)

Tickets don’t sell go to the show but you don’t know

Fist flying everywhere you get punched in the head wishing that you’ll
survive and you wont be dead

scalper I am gonna you’re a scalper you your scalper I am gonna scalp you(x2)

Fuck You!
Track Name: Fuck Off
Sometimes there's a piece glass between us
That blocks you from me 
I can hear you loud and clear
But you don't even know I'm here
You talk and talk and talk and talk just to talk
I speak up but you don't hear it
You just cut me off
Frustrating me more and more


can't stand for this

[chorus] Fuck off its my time to talk

Not the time for you to speak
(It's my time)

Count down backwards from ten

Maybe then (theeeeeeeern)

You can speak again(agaiiiiin)... Again

Sometimes I stand in front of a crowd
But who am to you, just a number?
You tell me get back back up into line
Before they come for all the masses and classes
You beg and curse and pray and fight and scream
They come from no where, big brothers always watching
I don't feel any compassion

Karma at its finest

I don't want to hear 
All the bias that you spew 
Hated and Broken
 A bastard, no morals 
Hypocrite, entitled
 Your not enlightened 
Your only out for you


Don't speak again 

Open your mind
 Open your hands
Help is needed
 Step up or fuck off
Track Name: Military Action (We Do Not Defend)
They build them up they break them down 
send them to war tell them that they are fighting for a cause 
chant USA as they are marching through the streets taking everything from civilians of another country.

Military action
Military cause 

Military brainwash 

Military  flaws

Day in and day out they struggle for their lives 
thinking that they are doing something that is right.
The say that freedom is not so free unless you live in a democracy.

We  invade countries  where we don’t belong 
yet the struggles back home are so strong.

Homelessness is at an all time high yet we spend trillions of dollars fighting in the sky

Military action 

Military  cause

Military brainwash

Military flaws

Veterans come home they have nowhere to go families destroyed no jobs 
they are on their own.

They say your government is watching, they say they are you friend,  they say they have our best interest in mind  yet they don’t know who to defend.
Track Name: One Day
One day
I will be the only one
To stand up and say anything between the smog and the sky
Until you all
Can break away from this greed that’s bring us down
And destroying all humanity

And I’ll stand for you
While others sit down
And I will stand for you
For you

One day
We will stand side by side
Hand in hand, as we swallow up the divide
Of fear and hate
That keep knocking us around
Keeps us from peace
And is hurting all humanity

And we need someone to change the world
And we need someone to stand
We need someone to change the world
And we need someone to say
To say

I am that one
Could you be that one
You are that one
We are all one
We are one
Track Name: Against All Authority
I’m growing sick of this shit
Senseless Violence Discouragement
Waking up with insanity
All I think, this world is not for me

Gotta Break Out
Gotta Break Away
Live by my rules, Do my own thing
This song is not for the weak, its message is to be you! To be free.

Don't listen to them Nag
pressure to invest pressure to digest
their bullshit is fading
they refuse to dream

Gotta Break Out
Gotta Break Away
Live by my rules, Do my own thing
This song is not for the weak, its message is to be you! To be free.

I won't let them drag me under to the darkness of the sea
Watch me coming up for air I'll show you
that that my world is for me


if you live for nothing, you will die for nothing
if you live for nothing, you'll die for nothing.
Track Name: Media Release (Of Frustration)
What if we could only believe one thing all the time
would we still think the same thing
no freedom of choice no freedom of expression wed all be one voice we'd all be one mind

we’d all be a utopian society
from the outside looking in everything would be perfect
and not one thing would be missing

But if we felt the same and it was love and it was hope
we spoke from the heart we spoke from the soul

No war cries, the perfect society

From the outside looking in it would be perfect and it would seem that nothing is missing

Would it really be perfect though? What is a perfect world?

with the right to choose and how to think, how to feel

With the right to make decisions on our own

would we really be happy?

Is this life? Is this love ? Is this reality?